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Default mobile install options/observations

So a while back I installed an FT7900 and Larsen NMO 2/70, 5/8 wave (great mobile reputation) in my 80 series with an NMO mount through the roof (centered). I have since sold my FT7900 and about a year ago installed a Kenwood TM-D710. Here are a few head scratchers.

Mount options.

Last week I bought a RTT that will now cover the roof so I need an option for when it is mounted and I don't want to drill a second hole in the roof. I was thinking of a hood mount vs. lift gate mount. Anyone have experience comparing TX/RX at these two locations? I want to minimize my performance loss so I want a 5/8 wave.

Here is another question that is a bit tougher. I have an NMO to SO239 adapter that I use for my ATAS 120 and FT857 (stationary). I was wondering if I mount the Larsen, say on a load bar (not grounded) in front of the RTT and plug the antenna into that NMO/SO239 adapter if that would work? Seems the roof would still be the ground plane, with the hood acting as a less efficient ground plane in the forward direction. yes/no?

Here is an interesting observation.

The person that sold the FT7900 to mounted it in a 100 series with a Diamond NR73BNMO 1/2 wave antenna on the rear lift gate, maybe a foot below roof line, right/passenger side. On a trail run a few months ago he was able to hear one of our club members that was just on the other side of a slight ridge and I was not. We did have a rock outcrop to our right and the TX was from left. He was right behind me. I attributed it to possible odd signal bouncing but didn't know if anyone might know off hand of RX sensitivity differences between the two radios? By antenna and mount locations I should be out performing him. Other explanations?

Any thoughts on any of this?
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