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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
.. I trust you were turning your squelch down?
Dang it, didn't think of it at the time, seems like a real possibility. I hate when I overlook the obvious. I will keep that in mind for next time.

Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Second is I have resolved to mount my antennas more for antenna preservation than optimum propagation. Lots of us here with wagons all got our first radios around the same time, all mounted the antennas on the hatches, and most all have broken at least one. ...
My buddy has broken two antennas on his hatch mount, that gets expensive.

When I get in low overhang places I just remove my roof mount antenna, cap the NMO connector and put up a small mag mount quarter wave (MFJ). I have an antenna switch under the drivers seat so I don't have to unplug antennas. Takes 1-2 minutes tops to swap. This is mainly for rig -rig comm but the little 1/4 wave does ok reaching out a bit. This way I can't still get the max propagation most of the time. I really don't need the 1/4 all that often as I find I can pick lines well enough to avoid branches. It is generally the sweepers that make me change over.
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