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The boat has definitely sailed. I actually wrote to Greg Miller, and he had voluntold someone to stay behind and absorb the angry phone calls. I actually felt bad for that guy. Literally, the last, single employee at Proffitt's. He basically called and told me that he has the worst job in the world, couldn't help me, and that even he would no longer be fielding the calls after mine. So that was cool. At this point, I think I might finally be caught up. I'm extremely optimistic after visiting my 40 yesterday and dropping off a deposit with Justin. Even though it's a bit more change, having some coilovers in the rear should at least give me some street (mall) cred.

Once the 40's up and running for realsies, I can get back to dumping money into the 100. Once I have an RTT, Helton, and a kitchen setup, I figure I just sell everything and live out of 2 Land Cruisers.

At least I've got Redline for the 40 and Slee for the 100. And I can just make my brother take the 100 in if I feel too lazy to bring it in myself. BONUS!
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