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This is my solution to low hanging stuff, the STI-CO Flexi-whip. At least for 2m, the rear one. The front antenna is a Larsen for 70cm and both are 1/4λ and I run a duplexer. Anyway, the Flexi-whip is extremely durable and flexible, it's claimed it can be tied into a knot. Never tried that but it's lasted several years up there and I never remove it just about ever, including driving into the garage, parking structures, etc. It just flops over and pops right back straight.

If I find I need extra range I have 5/8λ whips that I can put on in place of the shorty whips but I have no trouble making Denver repeaters from up here even at low and mid power (5W and 25W), so I don't find that necessary much. Most of that is due to the ideal ground plane, it really makes a big different over lip mounts even with unity gain whips. I can't stress enough how well drilling an NMO mount in the middle of your roof works... Don't have to deal with large antennas and get essentially zero fade since a 1/4λ has equal gain through complete azimuth and elevation.
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