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Running independant VHF/UHF is the best way, I thought I was brave for drilling one hole

That antenna whip flexibility looks similar to my MFJ mini mag mount though I have not tried to tie a knot with it but for $20 maybe I should. What I really like about that one you have is that it is an NMO. I may look into getting one of those and ditch the mini mag mount except for use in vehicles with no mobile install. Thanks for posting that.

Interesting that we have similar but different approaches here. I keep the 5/8 wave on all the time and switch to the 1/4 wave when needed and you keep the 1/4 wave on and carry a 5/8 wave. I guess the take home message is you can make a NMO roof mount work for a variety of conditions if you take a second antenna and that really is not a burden, IMHO.

Any thoughts on this part of my questions/post, I modified a bit for clarity:

I was wondering if I mount the Larsen, say on a load bar (not grounded) in front of the RTT (with a second NMO mount) and then plug the antenna into that original, centered NMO with SO239 adapter if that would work? Seems the roof would still be the ground plane, with the hood acting as a less efficient ground plane in the forward direction.
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