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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Let make sure I understand, you are using a plane-mounted NMO (or mag-mount, lip mount, it doesn't matter really) with a SO239 adapter to a short coax feedline to a bar-mount antenna?
That is correct, about a 3 foot pig tail would take me to a Yakima roof bar that will only be on when I have the RTT. I agree it would be sub-optimal, just how much.

I understand what you are are saying, I think. But as you stated, for a short run, it may not make a difference. I wish I had an antenna analyzer, that could help answer some of these questions. NMO mounts are cheap so maybe I can just try it out. It think a sketch could help the discussion along, as I am not sure I understand the PL259/SO259 discontinuity concern.
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