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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post

you could french in one of the old yota camper backs and have a neat rig.
not a bad idea.. definitely a different look.. but no, I need my extended cab simply for the leg room when driving

and Dave
the bed is in good shape ( inspected from underneath )
the truck lived its life on the beach. literally.. he had a beach business.. I vacuumed out like 6 lbs. of sand from the interior.. and what I originally thought was stain was just dried sand dust on the plastics.. and wiped right off and looks new now..
there was also about 7 gallons of sand in the bed underneath the toolbox.
the owner stored beach chairs on the roof with out a rack and they would bang and rub on the roof. that's why its rusted.

the frame is rusted in the TSB location between the cab and bed.. there is a hole there. but it doesn't concern me to much as I have had another yoda in the past with the same issue and I fixed it with no welder and little experience. I paied a friend to weld it. now I have lots of experience and tools so its a simple fix to me.
everything that needs replaced due to either neglect, maintence or rust, was going to be removed from the truck and replaced with different parts as long as I keep with my truggy plans..

it I keep the bed on, or keep it IFS (which is stupid ) then there is going to be alot of rust issues..

as for the rust on the roof and windows, if I cant find a easy fix, like replacement panels, or donor panels. then I might make it a convertible (like a Heep).. but then ill loose my need to have the power windows and locks.
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