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Default Finally making progress on my 60!

Awhile ago I brought my 84 fj60 to toy doctors for a tune up. A few hours later I received a phone call saying that my motor was bad and needed to be replaced. They even went as far to show me a boreascope of my cylinders showing a hole in #6 and a broken valve in #2. I was broken at this point when they quoted me $9000 to install a new motor. At first I believed them but my truck didn't even smoke. Sure it missed and had no power. I looked at it my self and did a compression check and sure enough #2 and #6 had no compression. But all I needed was a valve adjustment. Did the adjustments myself and now it runs like a champ! Can't belive they told me my motor was bad! And to even show me a picture of a "hole" in a cylinder which is false. Anyways I finally got it running good! Got the windows tinted and just put on a set of 35s mtr! I'm loving this truck more and more everyday!
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