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I really like the new Tundra's, but as stated, they are big, and my current situation doesn't really allow for a long vehicle (won't fit in the garage, and too nice to leave on the street where teenagers will vandalize it). In a perfect world, I'd have one to pull heavy loads, and my toys, and a smaller truck for camping/hunting/etc... (Wouldn't we all? )

I'm not in the market anymore, but I looked at a lot of different options for a pickup truck in the last year, including the Tundra, as well as the gas and diesel offerings of the big 3 domestic trucks.

Given the power in most of the new gas engines, including the tundra, and that I'd only be loading it infrequently, I honestly lost my interest in diesels.

Diesels tend to have a higher initial purchase price, comparatively high maintenance costs, as well as the higher fuel cost, all of which made the fuel economy a wash to me, albeit that is considering the current diesel offerings, which are 3/4 to 1 ton usually (so large trucks).

I've had no personal experience with small, 4 cyl diesels, which Dave suggests for the Tacoma.

I know Toyota has been selling the D4D Hilux and I truly love the look of the Hilux, but if the purchase price and maintenance cost differential is as high for the Hilux as compared to the tacoma as the Diesel versions of the big 3 compared to gas trucks, I'd again have to look at the operating costs pretty closely. The efficiency in a small diesel is better, to be sure. I suppose if (or when, hopefully) small diesel toyotas come to the US, I'll get a chance to see!

Of course, that supposes a diesel Tacoma. If the Hilux styling came too, I'd be all over it!

I also wonder about the actual economy. 31 mpg is what is posted for the D4D double cab, but the double cab taco is 24/19, or around 21-22 mixed. I don't know how many are actually seeing that. I imagine its similar in the Hilux.

So, my conclusion was that diesels will run away from gas trucks when fully loaded, and if you load them down a lot, they can't be beat. For a wheeler, or camping/outdoorsy truck, and occasional hauler, I'd probably stick with gas. But, to each their own.

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