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Originally Posted by Squishy!
I'm not aware of any 1+ ton engines they produce anywhere else. That being said I know very little about Toyota Diesels.
Beyond just the small truck Toyota diesels like the 1KD-FTV (D4D) and 1VD-FTV (4.5L in the Cruiser), Hino makes several inline 4 and 6 cylinder commercial diesels for world markets.

The largest is a 13L E13C that produces roughly 1,165 lb-ft and 410 HP, which they use in the 700 series lorries, which are equivalent to our class 8 OTR and heavy duty trucks.

I think it's purely marketing, since even emissions is likely not an issue as most countries where Toyota and Hino sell diesels have rules just like our EPA and CARB. Doesn't seem to be an issue for VW, BMW, Mercedes, etc., when they decide to get EPA & DOT certifications.
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