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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Tessco has sold the whip on an NMO base for $34, that's the link I put in there. It does not come with any NMO, but screws onto my Larsen NMO mounts just fine. Be sure to use the thin rubber gasket they include, anything much thicker and the center contact may not reach the NMO base.
When I called Tessco yesterday the description said whip only. He researched it a bit and said he had conflicting information as to what was included. When I called STI-CO this morning they confirmed the whip comes with the base as you stated.

Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
In any case, the elevation plot is interesting for the 3/4 wavelength case. My experience driving around today using this antenna on 70cm matches the pattern, it tends to fade a lot more than the 1/4 did. This is probably the biggest hurdle to doing this, that huge null at 22 degrees. Being down -20dB there is going to be a problem since that is where the majority of your repeater aspects are going to sit.
Wow, that is a big fat null! I don't use 70cm that much just a local linked repeater that has a low azimuth so I should be ok. I want the flexibility of hitting a 70cm repeater if needed but if I am in an emcomm situation I could always put the 5/8 wave back on. I think I will take a shot at this and trim it to get the 19 1/16" that you used. The primary use for this antenna would be low overhang areas, otherwise the 5/8 wave will be mounted.

Can't thank you enough for this analysis, I owe you a someday. I will pass along the info for the good deal on the shorter Flexi-whip.

What modeling software did you use? I have played around (a little) with EZNEC a while back and if I recall correctly, it wasn't all that well documented or intuitive, at least the free version. I was trying to model my 80m, full wave, horizontal loop.
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