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okay, will do. I ordered the antenna today from Tessco. The real world performance differences are likely due to all the little differences in theory assumptions vs. actual conditions.

Okay, so now back to the original question after a long but awesome detour.

This evening I finally had time to finish work on the new antenna mount and try out the radio. With 5 w on 70cm to the low azimuth repeater it was pretty much full quieting based on signal reports. This repeater is only a few miles away. The 80's hood was pretty much pointed at the repeater. Next check was on 2m, the Pikes Peak repeater would be more of a challenge due to the terrain between my house and Pikes Peak, no line of sight as I am up against the foothills. Only on 50w was I able to open the repeater only, no audio. I went back to my original center of the roof antenna mount and was full quieting on 5w to Pikes Peak. The 80's orientation to Pikes Peak was pretty much perpendicular to the drivers side. With the secondary antenna mount so close to the windshield I suspect I have a null off in the direction of the repeater. Not much metal for a ground plane is what I suspect as the antenna is between the windshield and the sunroof. So, being off perpendicular a little could be the difference? I will get some pictures of the setup tomorrow and I will change the orientation of the 80 to see if I get any difference in performance.
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