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Default 09 Taco, exhaust rerouting

Looking under the 09 Taco, there is one spot the exhaust loops under by the cross member that is a perfect spot to get smashed on a rock.
Dual exhaust would be nice, but the gas tank is in the way.

I could build a " skid plate " to protect the exhaust from being smashed, but that just creates another place to get hung up for it would hang down to low.

I will carry a angle grinder, if needed cut the exhaust IF I smash it.

I'm on a 3" lift with 32" tires, I really do not want to go any higher.

Anyone had an issues with this and what would be an alternative system ??

I know of some trails, like Rose Garden Hill on the way to Top Of The World in Moab that could be an issue.
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