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Default Power steering connections, FJ60

so... trying to reassemble this FJ60 steering system, i think i must be missing something where the lines connect to the steering gear and pump, the fitting are bottoming out and leaked like crazy.

i've just burned an hour of my life googling this, and i think there should be some sort of crush washer or whatnot for the flare fitting to seat against, yeah?

i can't seam to locate much info about this, not a part number or photo or anything. surely one of you guys have gone and lost these things before...

do ya think i'll have any luck at napa tomorrow, or got a better idea?

at any rate, ya'll should know, now that i've swapped cruiser axles, brakes, steering, and master cylinder into my 'jeep', it drives better than at it every has!
Tim M Hovey
1950 cj3a: FJ60 Axles, brakes, and steering, Willy's
sheetmetal and a Buick engine, held together with
metal from the scrap yard glued together in a garage in
Louisville and dragged around behind a F350 Diesel.
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