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go big or go home, 160 something is too short ya gaper. might as well get some snowblades JK

i would stick with around 100 under foot. If you ski a lot of groomers then usually going alot more than 100 (like 110) they tend not to carve as well, great for pow and side stashes but less so for groomers. depends on how much of what you ski.

bindings for the most part are all the same except for the salomon sth12 13 16. Those are the big dogs and proven. I do have some marker duke/baron for side country. You probably don't care and can use whatever matches.

Those rossi's are nice, there are some good board with salomon, volkl, blizzard, etc.
volkl mantra has been an awesome board for a while. still one of my favorite
the blizzard bonafid and cochise are rippen too.

the rossi s series skies well though.

ah the old stormriders, scot taught me how to do smurf turns. I'm no where near as small as he is though
See you on the trail
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