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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Not sure what that mass statement means, mass has nothing to do with anything. Surface area and lengths are critical. A 5 lb slug of metal under an antenna isn't going to work while a very light region of foil might, practically speaking.
You are correct. However, I interpreted his use of the word mass to be in the context of the amount of sheet metal for a mobile install. I deleted that quote in my post above and added a sheet metal comment to avoid confusion on the subject. Good point.

I got my Flexi-whip antenna today. I was looking over the provided cut chart and your previous posts about the mast length. If one assumes linearity over the short 5mhz increments (yes I know it is not linear but lacking more information...) I get 19.62 inches total mast length for 146mhz. This is a bit longer than what you have but is in line with what you said about starting at 19.5 or a bit longer. I can then try to find someone with an antenna analyzer and check it out. This antenna is very flexible but much thicker than my MFJ mini mag mount 1/4 wave.
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