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I am off by 0.5 inches, too short. I understand the cut chart is for a "typical" installation such as a roof mount NMO. I understand adding the SO259/PL259 connectors will change things but I suspect not that much. Getting it tuned for my primary location is my concern at the moment as I will likely be running my 5/8 wave when secondary NMO location is in use. Maybe if I call Tessco and tell them what happened, just maybe I can get an idiot discount on another one...haha.

I was able to open the 2m Pikes Peak repeater on 5w but the return signal was noticeably weaker than normal and got a call back that my TX was 95% static and unreadable. I was able to open the nearby low azimuth 70cm repeater and got a strong return signal. I was on the run this evening so I didn't have time to get into a discussion with anyone about the audio quality on 70cm. The 2m signal seems to be a lot worse than what it should be for the amount of cutting error. Maybe I need to recheck that the antenna is seated securely, that gasket was very tight on the mount.

Maybe I should just weld it back together and recut...haha

As a side note, my current set up runs through an antenna switch.
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