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So this is what I found. Apparently the gasket had caught a bit on the NMO mount, so I removed the gasket and reseated the antenna without it. I don't have a SWR meter for my TM D710 so I took my Ft857 and my little analog LDG meter and hooked those up in the 80. My signal report at 5w, on 2m into the Pikes Peak repeater was a little weaker than normal put clear with a SWR of 1.1 (did not move the needle). I tried the 70cm repeater at 2w and the meter showed an SWR of roughly 2.1-2.2. I did not get a signal report as the FT857 rolled back the power (did not open the repeater). I have seen this happen on 70cm in the past with SWR near this level but higher. I can reconnect my Kenwood tomorrow and try the 70cm repeater again. Just didn't feel like working on it more tonight.

Hopefully I can get this tuned back up for the area of 70cm I want. If not, no great loss but very annoying. How would I add the inductance back in? Very intrigued. I am guessing it does not involve welding ...
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