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Default Notes from 2/27/14 BRD FS meeting

Forest Service OHV meeting notes

Next meeting April 17th. We decided to skip a month due to the lack of active projects at the moment.

Jenny Creek: The FS is working on contracts for the reroute. The FS will do the actual tree cutting but a contractor will be moving the cut trees and creating the new portion of the road. Volunteer opportunities will include hauling hay bales and reseeding work to close the old route. They “hope” to be ready for volunteer work in August and September. They are still looking at possibly plowing some portion of the Rollins Pass road to facilitate getting the equipment in earlier in the season rather than waiting for the snow to melt.

Other Boulder Country FS roads:
Caribou, Kingston, Middle St Vrain – should open on regular schedule
Miller Rock – has some flood damage, needs further assessment
Park Creek (T33 crash site) – needs further assessment

Lefthand Canyon OHV area: still needs assessment. This website has further information : If you have specific questions or are interested in volunteer opportunities, contact the flood team at

The remainder of the meeting was a discussion of the Rollins Pass meeting that occurred earlier in the month. No new information came out tonight, it was a rehash of things from the earlier meeting. It was pointed out that very few letters and emails in support of opening the road have been received. Emails can be sent to:

snail mail to
Boulder County Commissioners
PO Box 471
Boulder, CO 80306
'03 KTM 450EXC
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