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I agree with using it Dave, where it gets tricky is with the insurance.
You can leave the agreed value at about ~$10k and drive it with that amount of coverage and be happy until something nasty what happened to Gary.
If you update the value to something closer to ~$60k (where my 45 is valued with insurance) then it comes with nasty mileage & use restrictions.
So, the question isn't just use/not use, but it's taking into consideration the risk if you have a problem. That guy driving the porsche, is probably covered by insurance whether he drives it or not....unless it's an early 911RS! And to further complicate that, my insurance company won't cover my Porsche (if I had one) if I take it to a track day. I have never asked about off-roading the 40 or 45, but I wouldn't be that surprised if they limited that too.
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