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I don't care for their gasket. Today I seated the gasket carefully against the roof and tightened the antenna. I could still get a piece of paper between the gasket and antenna base along most of the circumference. I like the Larsen gasket much better but the diameter is wrong for the flex-whip.

So I tried the 70cm band again but after a time or two the ft857 started getting out on 70cm with a SWR of about 1.25:1 ! I have found this radio to be a bit finicky on 70cm. The Pike Peak repeater (146.970) was still at 1.1:1 (or no needle movement). The 70cm repeaters I was hitting were 448.450 (Pikes Peak) and the Marc 448.650 (low azimuth). For these higher frequencies on the 70cm band the graphs on page 21 show a much lower SWR than 2:1. Interestingly, the length in that model was 19" only 1/8" less than what I cut mine to. Is it possible I actually got very lucky after all? Need to find someone local with an antenna analyzer.

I have used a mix of UHF connector manufacturers to build cables over the last few years. I use those cables for HF/VHF/UHF. Now I wonder what I have done...
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