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Yup, B.S. in electrical and electronics engineering in 2002 from CU-Denver, emphasis in RF, microelectronics and power. I took a couple of graduate classes in EM/RF, but never really got anywhere towards the M.S.E.E. Also hold my professional engineer's registration in Colorado. Up until about a year ago I worked designing control & data handling and solid state recorder modules for spacecraft. Not a lot on the uplink and downlink stuff, so the EM/RF side I really last did big time in engineering school and the radio hobby is to keep somewhat familiar with it. Well, other than EMI/EMC and signal integrity on PCB designs and the dynamics of SMPS.

I can solder SMC at home. So even though I don't currently have access to a really nice qualified lab, I can deal with anything in my radios. I never got good enough to even try taking the NASA qualification tests, so I obviously could not do flight hardware, but I fixed and modified breadboards and engineering models all the time and the engineers at SEAKR sometimes would build our own module test jigs, especially at the conceptual stage. Don't mistake, though, I am /not/ good at soldering. These 0603 and 0804 sized stuff and ICs with HUGE tabs in radios is cake compared to 0402 discretes and BGAs in really dense designs, though.
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