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Default Headliners: Cruiser Corps vs. SOR

I'll be replacing the one in my '78 40 soon. The foam backing has disentegrated and seperated from the front, so it no longer sticks. I have the top off the 40 right now for paint (woo-hoo!), so this will be a great time to do this, right after I add the 70 series 3rd brake light...

Has anyone compared the Cruiser Corps headliner material to the SOR headliner?

Wondering about a side-by-side comparision. I have read a few of the recent threads on MUD where people report what they are using, and if they are pleased.

I have not seen any side-by-side pics. I'd like a headliner that will keep the inside quiet (ha!) and cool.

Any experience you can relay is appreciated!

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