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Originally Posted by Inukshuk View Post
RS Ski trip?
i'm in.

late to the party so it's not going to count much but, i'm a huge fan of the salomon shogun's. i have two pairs, one for alpine and one for tele. i have the 182s and they're 101 under foot. i went to those from super long boards, rossi 4s at 210 and a rossi viper all mountain at 198.

i love the salomon's because i can get it on an edge at speed and have total confidence just like the 4s. big sweeping downhill/gs style turns. in the middle of that, i can cut off into the trees and have the quickness of a rockered powder ski.

having the tele setup with them is just as much fun. i can get on it and rail a big sweeping tele turn just like when i'm skiing alpine. what's cooler than a solid drop knee turn at 50+ mph?

not sure if you decided on bindings but my only input would be to find something not entirely made of plastic. for example, salomon's sth 14. the DIN range might be slightly overkill for you but there's something about having my foot solidly mounted with steel.

my only other recommendation would be to get a pro boot fitting. this will help your skiing more than any other purchase.
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