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Originally Posted by riderjgs View Post
TJ...very pleased with my SOR headliner, which has been in for about three years now. In itself, the head liner will do very little to reduce sound and heat. I had mine professionally installed and let them talk me out of putting in Dynamat, Quiet Crap, etc. They said they were worried about it coming loose with heat. They glued in the OEM-style insulation...don't know why that'd be any different. In any event, I'm happy, though I'd probably go ahead and clean off the inside of the roof and put in the foil/rubber mat if I had it to do over. I used Quiet Crap on all side surfaces, firewall, tailgate and floor and the difference is incredible.
Are you talking about the headliner for your 55? I am asking about headliner for my 40.

For the 55 I did put some Cruiser Crap up to the metal roof before the headliner went in.

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