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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Hey folks,

I'm starting to put together the materials for our Recovery Night meeting this year (April 3rd). Yes we're at Stevenson again on March 5th...

What do you want to cover? Given that this year we're only doing this for one meeting instead of two, I'm rolling Hi-Lift Jacks into the fold.. so feel free to call April Jack-It night, if that pleases you. I'm calling it recovery night.

Anyway, borrowing from last year's material our potential topics are:

- Hi Lift jacks- maintenance, use, storage.
- Spotting - basic hand signals, best practices
- Winching - basic tools, operation, best practices

Some new thoughts I had are:

- Vehicle prep - tires (air pressure), tools, spares, recovery points, etc.
- Fire extinguisher training (I think I could come up with 4 or 5 we could actually discharge).
- How to recover a rolled vehicle
- ????

So post up please... particularly if there's one area of interest you wish you knew a little more about and would like to join a discussion about. And better still, please post up if you're willing to lead one of these discussions.. I am willing to lead any one of the above (a little light on my rolled vehicle experience but I've got a month to work that in ) but I can only lead one topic, so I need your help with the others. We can have any number of topics, again whatever our meeting attendees would like.

Looking forward to your comments/ideas, thanks. I will also mention this tomorrow night at our March meeting.

Please pass the info you gather along so that we can be consistent regarding the CM recovery class
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