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Default Charging moose killed with Glock

Since I'm posting this in the Hunting and Fishing thread I don't feel I need to tell you it's graphic. The end result is something we've all seen in person.

I'm on the fence here. I think the guy was a little impatient, and that probably contributed to what happened. But I don't know the scenario or situation. This 2-minute video doesn't tell the entire story. I have no problem with the end result, as unfortunate as it might be. I have always been more concerned with jumping a moose than a grizzly bear in Montana's backcountry. Moose are dangerous. We've encountered both and both times the animal turned and just walked away. Nothing like this.

Food for thought while out in Colorado. We do have a sizable moose population. Give wildlife the room it needs. The guy did some things correct, but the creeping forward and pushing the moose was no doubt harrasment. Moose rarely leave a trail like that because its easy walking. You can see how deep the snow is off the trail. They'll walk the train tracks in Alaska and just stand there and get hit when a train comes. Not the smartest animal in the Kingdom.

This thread/video may have been better served in the Chat section but I didn't want to offend anyone.
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