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Originally Posted by cbmontgo View Post
How much would it save if we combine shipping?

Also, it looks like he's about to sell a ton of his tents. Think he's got enough inventory to keep up with all of those orders? I'm not a fan of backorders.
My guess is it won't save a ton on shipping since they're large, heavy items. Don't quote me but my estimate would probably be savings of around $50-75 to combine with other orders. They did the same group buy last year, so he had an estimate of what to order to fill the inventory. I think the way it works is that he puts in an order for stock on what he thinks he'll need and then adds to it if necessary if the need suggests it. That's why it says they ship in the order received so if you buy early in the group buy I'm guessing yours will be among the first to ship as the inventory becomes available and if you order late and they sell out there could be a delay. Again I'm not the expert whatsoever I've just been trying to follow the info as I interpret it. The owner there has been super accomodating and responsive to everyone so I'm going to take a chance and go for it.
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