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So I thought I would wrap this up. Using my Kenwood TM D710, some more testing shows the flexi whip to work very well on 2m and okay on 70cm. On 70 cm I can hit the nearby low azimuth repeater full quieting. The Pikes Peak 70 cm repeater report was 40% white noise but readable (inside my garage on 5 watts), recall no line of sight to the Pike Peak repeater. For my 70cm mobile needs I think this will be just fine as it is my low overhang/tight trail antenna. Looks like I got lucky on trimming the antenna Normally I run the 5/8 wave Larsen in the roof mount.

Now for my FT857. I took it back inside and hooked it up to the Arrow dual band J-pole. The SWR went up to 2.5 and no TX on 70cm. On VHF it was fine. So there is definitely something wrong with the circuit as described above. I was referred to affordable radio repair in Floraence, CO ( by Dave at Centennial electronics here in the Springs.

Thanks again for all the help Dave. By the way, you may be interested in our NM expo trip, we plan on stopping by the VLA
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