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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post
I looked at the CVT website, Looks pretty close or exactly the same as the TJM tents Christo just did a group buy for, but the CVT seemed a lot more expensive.

Am I missing something? Why not just see if Christo, would be willing to place another group buy order for March? No shipping, then just swing over to Golden.
I haven't seen a group buy for the TJM tents anywhere? What were the details of that? I looked at the TJM Yulara and it looks very similar to the Mt. Shasta which I was planning to order. I'd prefer to support a local vendor and have local pickup too especially since I already get lots of stuff from Slee, but I wasn't aware. I suppose we can try that route as well all I know is I want a roof top tent!
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