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Originally Posted by RedCreeper View Post
NIce set up. Are you looking for any help? Not liking the shop im in now and looking for work or side work.
Not actively searching, sorry. Best I can say is send me your current resume. Then based on your specific skill sets, I would be able to better tell you if we'd be looking for someone like you in the near future. FYI- we don't hire just "mechanics" or just "fabricators". Everyone around here can do a little of everything. Meaning good layout, welding, bending, and cutting skills in all materials and thicknesses, as well as being able to wrench with the best of them.

Originally Posted by Shotshell View Post
Looking good. That's pretty cool that you guys made the Red Cone sign.

So I might want you guys to CNC a small piece of 1/4" steel plate with my screen name on it for my front bumper build…. What do you say?
By what process are you wanting the 1/4" steel cut? We can handle most, and the ones we don't do in house, we have multiple vendors we work with. So long story short is we can help you out.

Are you needing design services as well, or are you familiar with a CAD program. Again, we can help either way.

If you would like more info, either call me at the shop of email me.
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