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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
looking good!

can you print in material that can be burned out in a burnout oven?

I have done it with the photocurable polymers (for Objet and stuff) but was wondering if you had stuff that was specifically for burning out in an oven (low ash).
The quick answer is no, not a material that is intended for that, that I know of. Any plastic can be burned out with sufficient heat, I have no idea what's left behind, I suppose it would depend on the temperature and ventilation of the cavity.

3D printers are available (I don't have any at the store, but a local jeweler does) that print in wax for lost wax castings. They also make 3D printers that print in sand for sand castings. According to 3D printing news sources, these sand printers are widely used by the auto industry and machinery manufacturers.

Objet (a subsidiary of Stratasys, who also owns Makerbot, my go-to printer) makes some really nice machines. I had my eye on a Connex 260 which uses their patented "polyjet" process, much like an inkjet it expels tiny droplets of vaporized polymer in up to 17 different heads with a wide variety of colors and materials. I asked my reseller for a quote and it came back at $170k. If I could justify the ROI I'd have one, but for now I am still navigating uncharted waters with this retail 3D store concept. So far I am really, really busy and am looking forward to hiring my first employee within the next few weeks.

I currently have 9 different materials to choose from in nearly 40 colors, including engineering grade nylon, PET and HIPS, in addition to the common PLA and ABS that everyone is using.
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