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Has anyone else experienced this issue? It appears there is a small shaft in the ignition that connects the key cylinder with the electrical portion of the ignition. From what I am seeing it may be a known issue with the 100 series. We ran into it the other night when the wife went to start the truck, and the key turned with no resistance and then was stuck in the on position. (we had to disconnect the battery to prevent it from killing the battery). I am planning on replacing it later in the week. I just thought I would see if anyone had replaced theirs and had any tips. I found info on Mud but I always prefer info from the guys in the Club.

Also this may be something to add to a preventative maintenance list. When it breaks the vehicle is completely disabled. I am glad it happened in the garage and not 100 miles away from the nearest cell tower.

This can work can be done in about an hour.
Here are a few useful part numbers
45280-60610 For 2003 and newer trucks.
45280-60510 For pre 2003 trucks.
45280-60460 is for the Manually tilting steering columns.

I wouldn't bother ordering the security screws they are only needed when swapping out the entire housing. (This wasn't needed and would have taken a lot more effort and time).
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