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Basically just stay away from Cliffhanger and Moab Rim. Kane Creek has a shelf road but not to the extent of the others.

Metal Masher and Porcupine Rim are two other good trails that don't have any real exposure issues. Both take you up to look-outs but don't require technical driving on an edge of anything big. Both are basically up on high plateaus. The lunch break look out spot on Porcupine is one of the most beautiful places on earth as far as I'm concerned.

Hells Revenge is the signature slick rock trail. But I would not do that one first if your new to Moab. Until you gain confidence in your new found traction that one might play with your head a little. Its a great trail though so don't skip it just plan it later in the event.

Fins is probably the best place to get your feet wet. It starts out pretty moderate then works its way up to Kenny's Climb.
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