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You are certainly welcome to join us. I agree that this is how you get better at potentially lead a trial for us someday.

Typically we use this opportunity to run several trails pretty fast in one day. And the focus is to run trails that the CM trail leaders and gunners need to work on. Those are usually the harder trails but not always.

I'm sure there will be an opportunity at some point for you to run a trail with someone that is looking to lead Fins or Hells or Porcupine etc. for the first time. We can fit you in.

Drive into Area BFE and continue straight then on the main road that goes down and to the right. Then continue straight thru the second opening into the trees and our main fire will at the next corner. You can find a site off the road near us. Corbet will be setup there before us. Most of us will be arriving Thursday night sometime.

Originally Posted by kc0sm View Post
My wife and I are going to be in Moab next weekend and I was wondering if I could tag along one of the days? I am relatively new to offroading and am sure I could learn much. Could you give me directions to your camping location, which day would be best and what time you will be heading out in the morning? We will be arriving on Thursday and leaving on Monday.
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