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Originally Posted by J Kimmel View Post
sales guys at a lot don't get any sort of say on any of the numbers in a car deal

16 years in the business that's one thing I know for sure
Really? I just imagined that every sales guy knows that the 2007 100 series on the lot is asking $25k but that they took it on trade at $19. I would have thought he tries to close the deal at 25 plus a warranty before he approaches the sales manager with a "deal". While sales manager for obvious reasons has final say, don't you want the sales person to take an offer back to the manager at $20k and say "we should take this, the guy is about to walk"?

I've never been in the biz, so are you allowed to share insights into the whole process for the group? Like MSRP and dealer invoice are really what? We can all google, I'm just curious from an actual insider. I'm not buying new anytime soon.
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