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Default Utah Trip Campsite Recomendations?

Hi All,
Cross posting this from ExUt but hoping someone might have a few ideas on campsite locations. I've got a fairly large group heading out from Denver area in early May. Everyone has spent a fair bit of time in eastern utah, but that was before they all had kids

For this trip its going to be a bit more mellow. Not looking for anything crazy, just a bit of hiking/biking, hanging out at camp, exploring around camp, etc. Staying for 2 nights, hopefully at the same spot each night. We'll have a fairly large group including about 6 kids ranging from 3 years to 3 months.

Ideal campsite/Constraints:
  • The closer to grand junction/Fruita the better. We will be spending friday night in town so I'd say a 2 hour drive from there would be ok. Not looking to go all the way into Beef Basin
  • Given that the group will probably have children crying during the night, either at-large/dispersed camping or a developed campsite that isn't too dense with campsites would be preferred. Would rather not keep the whole campsite awake at night
  • A little bit out of the way, IE not right off a paved road with lots of traffic.
  • A small stream would be nice but by no means necessary.
  • Large enough for a possibly BIG group of people. Potentially 20, including 6 small children.
  • Can be accessed from a dirt road (preferred) but no hardcore wheeling.
  • Not frequented by OHV's or people firing guns.

Vehicles we'll have
  • 2 80-series on 33's.
  • 1 stock 100 series.
  • 1 stock gen4 4-runner
  • Dodge 2500 w/ bed camper
  • 1 unknown vehicle but should be 4wd as well.

I've briefly considered some of the campsites down river-road into Moab but most of those seem less than desirable as its got paved road on one side and large river on the other (so not a ton of room to explore right out of camp).

Out towards goblin valley or Horseshoe canyon is a possibility but starts to be a bit far of a drive. Given the timing it seems most stuff towards moab is full such as Deadhorse Point seem to already be full, at least for the developed campgrounds. Same with Arches NP. Down towards Canyonlands-Needles or the Maze I think is too much driving distance.

Any possibilities in the swell north of I70? I haven't done any exploring north of the interstate so not sure what all is up there. Seems like the BLM may have a few campsites and recreation areas up there? Also was looking a bit at the area south of Colorado National monument as it winds south-west into Utah?

I know this is a tall order but hoping someone may have a few thoughts on areas to look for.

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