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We will discuss our plan based on peoples needs Thursday night and Friday morning.

This is what I’m thinking personally.
Friday morning Dave and I and anyone who wants to come will meet at the event field next to slick rock campground. We will have a brief meeting at 9:30am with our new event mangers. Then we will run some trails. Not sure what yet.

I want to run Cliff Hanger with some potential leaders. I hear it has gotten harder and we need a leader for it. Dave isn’t running it in his rig that day. Half day run.
Dave and I have never run Porcupine. Need someone like Corbet to lead us on that. Half day run.

We definitely want to take our time running Flat Iron Mesa with the majority of the group. We will need future leaders and gunners for this one. We want to see how an experienced 80\100 driver feels about the Intimidator obstacle. Robbie had told me a long time ago he wouldn’t want to lead 80’s thru that obstacle. I remember it being tight and thrilling for my runner.
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