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Originally Posted by coax View Post
Thanks everyone! San Rafael Bridge area looks pretty neat. I talked to the field office and they said that campground typically only fills up on Easter weekend, and even if it does there are lots of designated camp spots (not campgrounds) on the road into that area.

Might try to scope out the Swasey's beach CG on the way as its only a 10 mile detour, and if no go head out to San rafael bridge area if I can pursuade folks to drive that far. Fall back plan would be to head down river road and see what is near Dewey bridge.
There's also a giant campsite down near the Delores crossing after you go into the Dewey Bridge area. When we were down there 2 years ago to do the crossing (also in May), someone had set up a couple of huge Army style mess tents and there were smaller tents spread out all over. Nice spot with shade and close to the river.

Please make sure you leave an extra clean camp with a big group like yours.

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