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Looking at Corbet's pic of Jaderunner on Cliffhanger made me shudder. I don't recognize who the spotter is that's standing on the downhill side of the obstacle but that just seems to be the worst possible place to be with Scot's truck where it is.
Another observation made during the pre-run is that Razr-type vehicles are taking over the Moab scene. Unlicensed vehicles running all over town, through parking lots and on the roads in and around town. What they are doing to soft sections of trail is pretty radical - think moguls spaced about two feet apart - like speed bumps and it makes for a rocking horse ride in a truck. In two days of being on the trail, Cheeseman, Art Volmer and I saw very few full-sized vehicles. I remember only a couple on Wipeout Hill and Tusher Tunnel and NONE on Gold Bar Rim and only saw one group of buggies on the first mile of Rusty Nail. Tons of Razrs, however. The wheeling world is changing dramatically, IMO.

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