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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
Disheartening to hear. I wonder the impact this will have during CM. Some trails will have 15 vehicles or more on them. Running into a group of RAZR's could cause a bottleneck. They obviously can travel much faster than vehicles on the trail. Maybe it's something that all trail leaders/gunners should discuss with their groups?

We had an issue at 100s in the Hills this year with a group of them on Poughkeepsie Gulch. They wanted by so badly that they rode us hard, but there was no safe place to pass on the uphill shelf road. Once we made room, pulled to the side and stopped, we waved them through. One of them tagged a friends 100 and traded some paint. The guy never stopped. We did catch back up with them and someone asked "Did you realize you hit one of our trucks?" and his response was "Well, you shouldn't have let us pass then". It could have went south very quickly right then...... but we let it go.

Reminds me of the 40's Only Run a few years ago when we were running the Swan loop. We ran into multiple groups 10+ of those things and had a tough time getting them past. I even had a pretty heated exchange with one guy. We found out that the majority of them were rentals/tourist groups from Summit County, so it isn't just Moab thats being over run!

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