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Default Hey Hulk!

I am in the midst of trying to re-setup Bruce on the new forum, but the old avatar is too big. When I resize to 100x100 pixels, it then tells me that the image needs to be less than 20000 bytes. The avatar is something like 35KB, and looks pretty small. If I go much smaller than 100x100 it seems like a speck. The original started out at about 200KB, which is as small as my camera will take (Nikon D70, on "small" and "basic" setting). Am I doing something wrong? I use HP Photo editor (came with the printer), and I have a Photoshop tryout 2.0 (came with the computer). Neither will get me small pictures without losing all of the resolution. I saw you giving Perry advice on this in the trip reports, and as I need to do one on the triple bypass, any ideas?

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