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This was a fun successful outing. I big thanks to Micah from the Wasatch Cruisers for cooking and donating food and beer. Also a big thanks to those people that adjusted their trail preferences to sign up lead and gun trails that are needed. We now have all the leader slot filled!

We met our new Event Managers (Ron and Linda Brewer) Friday morning and feel good about their commitment to help manage our event during Cruise Moab. Then we tuned in our signed permits to the State Office. Neil has all the permits in order as usual. Then I caught up with our group running Cliff Hanger. I guess the trail is about the same in terms of difficulty. Some parts are harder and some easier based on rocks that were stacked. I have a hard time getting back up the cliff hanger obstacle for some reason even with my front locker. Had to have rocks stacked. Must be a wheelbase thing. I crunched my front flare dropping off a ledge just before the creek. Driver error.

I followed a large group of side by sides up. They were basically going my same speed with their large group. And they seemed to have a similarly difficult time getting up obstacles like we did. Their slower people were probably holding them up. It seemed pretty dangerous to watch their spotters push and pull their rigs around. Saw one big guy almost get knocked backwards off his feet. I agree with others statements. They were out in large numbers and were the dominate vehicles on the trail. So we have to mange to that.

Flat Iron Mesa will be a great trail for us to run. I agree with Corbets statements about the difficulty. Itís a standard one locker 33 trail or less if you take all the bypasses. But, lots more challenge if you want it. The Easter Egg Rock obstacle has pretty serious consequences for body damage if one were to get off line and into trouble. Only 4 of us took it after walking it from the end of the trail. See pictures.

1. Corbet going up Cliff Hanger and making it look easy.
2. Steve Powers. Our ultimate trail leader coming down EEHill.
3-5. Travis Hurley. Another of our awesome trail leaders coming down EEHill
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