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Default Cruise Moab Vehicle Recovery Class

Thought I'd post the outline for the Vehicle Recovery Class that will be presented at CM2014. Hope to see you there....

Location: 1221 HWY 191. Just south of Buck’s Grill House @ 1393 HWY 191
When: April 30, 2014
Time: 2-5pm.... Yes, you can still make the Fin's Night Run (I'm gunning for Daniel)

Preparedness: (30 minutes)

• Equipment (Food, water, gloves, eye protection, hiking boots,
clothing, matches, vigil candles, water purifier, etc)
• Recovery & ratchet straps
• Signal mirrors (How to use them)
• Buddy system

First Aid: (30 minutes)

• Basic bandaging & splinting
• Over-the-counter meds that can save a life (Aspirin, Benadryl, etc)
• Display a basic first-aid kit

Personal Safety: (30 minutes)

• Pre-trip preparation of a vehicle (securing loose gear/projectile
• Techniques to stabilize a vehicle (Tire change, Hi-lift placement,
vehicle on it’s side or on roof)
• Use/review of hi-lifts, come-a-longs, and electric winches
• Dangers of cables, chain, straps, and anchor points

Anchors: (30 minutes)

• Vehicles
• Trees, rocks, natural features
• Building anchors
• Techniques to re-set a tire bead

Vehicle Recovery: (1 hour)

*Two groups with two props: Winching off of built anchor & Rolled vehicle*
• Approach (360 walk around, disabling electrical system, establishing
• Victim removal
• Establishing an accomplishable goal with a time limit
• Winching off of a built anchor; Hi-lift
• Righting a rolled vehicle; electric winch; Hydro lock mitigation (Pull
• Question & Answers

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