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Originally Posted by Burt88 View Post
I'm gonna be arriving in Moab on Sunday or early Monday. Is anyone else gonna be arriving early as well and would anyone like to hit some moderate trails Monday and Tuesday before CM begins? I'm thinking about some relatively low impact trails to limit any breakage potential before I hit the hard stuff before the main event.
For years and years, I did the Sunday-to-Sunday schedule for Cruise Moab. Monday and Tuesday were preruns and just plain running trails outside the event. Sometimes we'd have preruns with enough rigs we shoulda' pulled permits.

Other years I remember pulling in to Slickrock on Tuesday afternoon (my recent paradigm) and witnessing all the repairs going on in camp for the carnage inflicted before the actual event began. For my own part, I've broken several times and required Slickrock repairs before Cruise Moab even begins. (POISON SPIDER MESA I HATE YOU!). But there is no better place to break stuff than Cruise Moab. There will be 350 of your closest friends you haven't met yet with the parts, tools and expertise to get you back on the trail, and more importantly if you aren't towing, back home again.

The last couple years I've gone back to my early roots of just rolling in on Tuesday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning. The Sunday to Sunday schedule always makes me homesick by around Friday or so.
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