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Originally Posted by L43dean View Post
Jeff, Do the zipper teeth pull apart after you pull the zipper pull shut. If this is the case and you have a "YKK" style coil tooth zipper, it is often that the PULL is wearing. The height dimension inside the pull has worn to become too big. This metal pull can be gently squeezed, at the back end or following end, with pliers. Put your plier jaws behind the pull tab on the zipper pull with the pull still on the zipper teeth. Squeeze very gently a little at a time and test. I've worked in a couple mountaineering shops and more times than not I could get a few more weeks of use from the zip on customers gear, our rental gear and my own. Eventually the zipper needs a new pull or complete re-placement. Good luck. Or maybe now is the time for a Springbar, OZ or Bibler!
Indeed it is the standard-issue YKK coil style "self repairing" zipper, although without looking at it I'm not sure is it is YKK brand. It has been "self-repairing" for the last couple of Cruise Moabs, to where last year it became nearly unusable. I wouldn't have thought that the pull would be the culprit, I just figured the whole zipper needed to be ripped out and replaced with new.

Now that I think of it, the coils themselves didn't appear damaged, they just wouldn't close for a couple inch section here and there, and then of course when you try to go in the opening direction the pull gets seriously stuck. I suppose I could fiddle with it before I make a trip down the hill.
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