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Default Too late to register for Cruise Moab?

So I'm in kind of a weird spot for the Moab trip. Months ago my friend and his girlfriend invited me and my girlfriend to go to Moab with about 15 of their friends from April 30 to May 4, and they rented 3 houses for everyone. I said sure, not even realizing it was Cruise Moab weekend. The only problem is that they all ride quads and rzrs, and I don't think any of them have much interest in wheeling in "trucks".

I'd like to join the club on a few runs since I know it will be a blast, but I can't dedicate the whole trip to Cruise Moab since it would be weird to ditch the people I came with. My fear is that if I register for Cruise Moab and pay the fees, the trail rides will already be full and I'll be SOL. Can you guys who are going let me know if everything and/or if it would still be worth it to register? Thanks!!
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