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Default Shotshell's Custom Winch Bumper Fabrication Project

So in the midst of everything else thats going on, including my new front and rear suspension systems, I'm also in the middle of fabricating a new front bumper to hold my winch and provide forward armor.
So I'm starting this thread to document the process.

Baja1d was very helpful in getting me started with this project and responsible for teaching me a great deal about fabrication and welding.Thanks, bro!

We started off by removing the old bumper (of course).
Then we extended the front frame with angle iron and made a deck for the winch to be mounted on. The front body mounts were in the way for this and had to be cut off. They were then re-welded onto the angle iron frame extensions.

Then Baja1d tacked it all in place.

This past weekend, I took a solid piece of steel plate (3/8" X 6" X 93") and marked the center line. Then I matched it up with the center line of the winch deck and tacked it in place off the front edge of the winch deck. I then figured out that I needed to measure in one foot from either end and marked a line, and then marked a line on the steel just on the outside edges of the winch deck. So at this point I had four lines marked on the front piece of steel. I used my cut off wheel to cut along these lines most of the way through the metal but was careful not to cut all the way through. I then bent these pieces on the cuts to an angle that I felt looked good and made it match on both sides using my protractor. Then I welded the cuts back together solidifying everything in place. Then I used a flapper disk on my grinder to grind down the welds and make them all look nice and smooth. Then I marked out the line that I wanted to cut to taper the shape, and cut this piece off.

Then I took those pieces and welded them back onto the top of the original piece giving the whole bumper an angled look, and ground down those welds.

A little paint, and I was done for the day.

Obviously, there's much more to do still. I'll be plugging away at it whenever I have the time.
The next step is drilling the holes for the winch. Then once it's mounted, I can figure out exactly how I need to fabricate the top plates for the bumper.

More to come.
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