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Originally Posted by Shotshell View Post
Yeah i'm going to have to figure out something for lights in it. That may or may not end up happening, I'll have to see how much room I end up with.

Baja1d had suggested I get my hands on some turn signals out of an ARB bumper because they're rectangular and would be easier to cut holes for. So I think i'm going to try and get a pair of those.

And yeah, 3/8" plate. It's not light at all. But I wanted my main front piece to be a nice thick and heavy piece of armor. So I'm pretty happy with it so far. All the other pieces will be fabricated from 1/4" plate.
I have a pair of the rectangular turn signals out of my ARB. Removed to install fog lights. Not sure if they work, never hooked them up. Free if you want them. I work at ~Arapahoe and I25.

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