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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post

What trails have a lack of interest? I may be interested......
Interested in running trails that other registrants did not sign up for? We have two trails that had around 1-2 choices per day, Chicken Corner and Metal Masher. We are not running either of those trails this year.

There were several trails that had low interest and the people that wanted those trails were funneled into the days that we are running those trails. For example we are only running Dome Plateau and Sevenmile Rim of Friday because we had only 1-2 people ask for either on Thursday or Saturday, but a dozen or so on Friday was enough to put those people on those trails on Friday and give them something different on Thursday or Saturday.

Very few people asked for Behind the Rocks on Thursday or Saturday, but a fair number on Friday got that trail on the map (plus it is a sponsored trail that day), and the Behind the Rocks people who asked for Thursday or Saturday got put on Friday and got their second or third choice on Thursday or Saturday.

What we try to do is give registrants what they want, generally on which day they want it, but sometimes we give them the trails they wanted, just on different days than their first choice.

I do have a couple of gunner spots to fill, and every year there are a couple of leaders who either break and can't lead: something comes up and we have to find new leaders on the spot. If you'd like to volunteer to be a backup leader I'd love to have you on the team. Backup leaders are like the copilots of Cruise Moab, when the pilot becomes incapacitated and the copilot has to land the plane.
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